Fundamentals of computer organisation and architecture

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Author: Mrs Ellis

1 Past exam questions

Question 1: Jun 2013

State the full names of two of the special purpose registers that are used in the fetch part of the fetch-execute cycle.

Question 2: Jun 2013

Figure 1 below is an incomplete diagram of the fetch-execute cycle. Describe the missing steps 1, 2b and 4 using either register transfer notation or a written description. Steps 2a and 2b occur at the same time. 3-7-figure-1.png

Question 3: Jan 2012

Provide the full names for the components numbered 1 to 3 in Figure 4. 3-7-figure-4.png

Question 4: Jan 2012

  1. What is the role of the Control Unit?
  2. State the full name of the processor component that would perform subtraction and comparison operations.
  3. What is meant by the term register?
  4. State one example of when the status register might have a bit set