1 Learning Objectives


In this lesson you will develop an understanding of the learning strand Data and data representation on your progress ladder, working towards blue/indigo level. You will also develop an understanding of the learning strand Information Technology towards Violet level by undertaking a creative project by building a graphical user interface.

  • The different user interfaces (Human Computer Interface HCI) and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • The core components needed for a Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • How to create a GUI for a Database

2 Windows, Icons, Menus & Pointers

Learn It – The Computer - Human Interface

  • The earliest computers relied on their operators typing in commands using a typewriter keyboard interface.
  • There are advantages to such an interface, but there are many disadvantages. Try and think of a few?
  • When IBM created SQL in 1974 they wanted the language to be robust because of what Databases contain, i.e. people's personal data.
  • So IBM's view was to separate the two parts into the Front end, user interface and the Rear end that contains the Database Engine.
  • The front end is independent so as the User Interfaces changes with time (modernisation) it will not impact on the Database itself.
  • Consider the progress within computing that has happened since 1974 and how the latest interface (the World Wide Web) drives Databases today.

Badge It - User Interfaces

Learning Strand: Data and Data Representation

  • Research the different Computer - Human Interfaces (min 3) analysing how each interfaces works and why it was created.
  • You must detail the main advantages and disadvantages for each interface in terms of ease of use, complexity and the amount of computer processing needed.
  • - Achieve this by using a Text Editor of your choice & submit your evidence on the Bourne to Learn website.
  • Each Interface will need to be fully explained in your own words within a short paragraph, using an example. Remember to use full sentences and connectives (..because, therefore).

3 Building a GUI for a Database

Try It

  • Open your *Game Stock Database* Download this file from the last lesson.
  • Today you are going to design and create a graphical user interface for the Database:
  • Your Teacher will demonstrate how to create a basic GUI or you can watch the video above or view this guide
    1. Create a basic GUI for your Game Stock Database.
    2. Create a Logo in GIMP for your Company.
    3. Add your Logo to your GUI and other appropriate images including a colour scheme.
    4. Add navigation buttons to help the user navigate through the records.


Badge It - Gold

Learning Strand: Data and Data Representation

  • Upload your screenshots of the Database GUI you have created, including an explanation of how the user would use the interface used to www.bournetolearn.com.

Badge It - Platinum

Learning Strand: Data and Data Representation

  • Research the range of features you can add to your GUI using Microsoft Access.
  • Detail and explain these features in a 200 word short essay, explaining how they might work to a potential customer.

If your interested in GUI's and how they came about, watch this video concerning the history of Graphical User Interfaces.